Hall of Fame 2017

Week #113 “Cute Companion”

1st place by Yurco Sádecký‎

2nd place by Georg Schlettwein‎

3rd place by Myriam Thomas‎

Week #112 “Haunted House”

1st place by Wilalbert Gomez‎

2nd place by Michel Rochette

3rd place by Jakob Scheidt

Week #111 “Secret Valley”

1st place by El Mehdi Rahif‎

2nd place by Arnaud Imobersteg‎

3rd place by Luke Hayne

Week #110 “On the Movie Set”

1st place by Renan Longatti

2nd place by Matúš Lipták‎

3rd place by Alexander Schmid‎

Week #109 “Surrealism”

1st place by Rizal Rizfani‎

2nd place by Gregory Smith‎

3rd place by George Daskalakis

Week #108 “Steampunk Device”

1st place by Lautaro Iglesias‎

2nd place by Juan Carlos Montes

3rd place by Patrick Piranha‎‎

Week #107 “Insects”

1st place by Jakob Scheidt

2nd place by Florian Wilhelm

3rd place by Gregory Smith‎

Week #106 “The Living Dead”

1st place by Juan Carlos Montes‎‎

2nd place by Jim Morren

3rd place by Stefan Wolfram‎

Week #105 “Treasure”

1st place by Khaled Bouhedadja‎

2nd place by Thomas Berard

3rd place by Rizal Rizfani‎

Week #104 “Iconic Outfit”

1st place by Paulo Antunes

2nd place by abgrd11

3rd place by Andre Bales‎

Week #103 “Death”

1st place by Fabian Golz

2nd place by Dmitry Kondratkov

3rd place by Jakub Brzuchański

Week #102 “Viking Age”

1st place by Clayton Sjoerdsma

2nd place by Andre Bales‎‎

3rd place by Amiel Gayanilo‎

Week #101 “Forest Spirit”

1st place by Gregory Smith‎

2nd place by Andre Bales‎‎

3rd place by Amiel Gayanilo‎

Week #100 “Movie Poster”

1st place by Jill Gori‎‎‎

2nd place by Dimitris Sakkas‎‎‎

3rd place by Felipe Sánchez Trujillo‎‎‎

Week #99 “Tiny Worlds”

1st place by Слава Сон‎

2nd place by Iván Batalla

3rd place by Clayton Sjoerdsma

Week #98 “Video Game Boss”

1st place by Pratik Solanki

2nd place by Mateusz Wielgus

3rd place by Mary Shan Fazzolari

Week #97 “Music”

1st place by Nita Ravalji

2nd place by Lukas Fischer

3rd place by Bryan Eaton

Week #96 “Wildlands”

1st place by Miroslav Lendacky

2nd place by Gregory Smith

3rd place by Ari Liikamaa

Week #95 “Dark Corridor”

1st place by andfe22

2nd place by Tanaka Musewe

3rd place by Khaled Bouhedadja

Week #94 “Low Poly Self Portrait”

1st place by Fabian Orrego

2nd place by Samuel Bernou

3rd place by Jose de la Comarca

Week #93 “Ancient Civilization”

1st place by Gregory Smith

2nd place by El Mehdi Rahif

3rd place by Jose de la Comarca

Week #92 “Favorite Toy”

1st place by Bruno Alberto

2nd place by Ali AL Ameri

3rd place by vigneshwaran

Week #90 – 91 “Cyberpunk”

1st place by Stefan Wolfram

2nd place by Johnny Fraser

3rd place by كرار حيدر

Week #89 “Floating Island”

1st place by Dmitry Kondratkov

2nd place by Rahul Singh

3rd place by Louis van den Berg