Hall of Fame 2018

Challenge #141 “Snowball”

1st place by Melanie Lee


2nd place by Tyler Shook

3rd place by Martin Schrimpel

Challenge #140 “Inside the Hive”

1st place by Ben White


2nd place by Boris Jivkov

3rd place by Villem Aas

Challenge #139 “Cardboard World”

1st place by Mathieu Staropoli


2nd place by 劉奕宏

3rd place by Malte Hedenström

Challenge #138 “Abandoned City”

1st place by Wei Chung


2nd place by Harald Dieter

3rd place by 劉奕宏

Challenge #137 “Pirates”

1st place by Iván Batalla


2nd place by 劉奕宏

3rd place by Raul Fernandes

Challenge #136 “Insect Vehicle”

1st place by Matija Švaco‎

2nd place by Mike Crinella

3rd place by Alexander Schmid

Challenge #135 “Fisherman”

1st place by Domonkos Jozsa

2nd place by Iván Batalla

3rd place by Fabian Klingmann

Challenge #134 “Spherical Character”

1st place by Rafael Comino Matas

2nd place by Juan Carlos Montes


3rd place by Štěpán Bařina

Week #133 “Dream World”

1st place by Ahnoup Kumar Das

2nd place by Jakob Scheidt


3rd place by Kevin Kessler

Week #132 “Artificial Intelligence”

1st place by Andy Dominique Rakotomavo

2nd place by Mike Swanston


3rd place by Matt Curtis

Week #131 “Forest Creature”

1st place by Jose de la Comarca

2nd place by Pratik Solanki


3rd place by Daniel Aubert

Week #130 “Lunar”

2nd place by Rafael Comino Matas


3rd place by Michal Zisman

Week #129 “Mask”

1st place by Jazib-Daud

2nd place by Gabriela Pena


3rd place by Jesse Amiel Gayanilo

Week #128 “Fallen Kingdom”

1st place by Neil Lithgo

2nd place by Vladimír Stáňa


3rd place by Thomas Zorroché

Week #127 “Goo Monster”

1st place by Antoine Le Corre

2nd place by Joshua Knauber


3rd place by Nico Feindt

Week #126 “Time Machine”

1st place by Jeffrey Hepburn

2nd place by Arnaud Imobersteg


3rd place by Leo Kolke

Week #125 “Abandoned Robot”

1st place by Alex Marks‎

2nd place by Ewa Wierbik‎


3rd place by Rafael Comino Matas

Week #124 “Colossus”

1st place by Jose de la Comarca‎

2nd place by Thomas Zorroche


3rd place by Arnaud Imobersteg 

Week #123 “Infinity”

1st place by Lezly Prager



2nd place by Bo Nicolajsen

3rd place by Lukas Wieg


Week #122 “Nature Up Close”

1st place by Paweł Pęcherzewski



2nd place by Lukas Cuba

3rd place by Thobani Mlambo


Week #121 “Dieselpunk”

1st place by Iván Batalla



2nd place by Matija Švaco‎

3rd place by Tommi Rahko


Week #120 “Lost in Space”

1st place by Matija Švaco



2nd place by Dimitris Sakkas

Week #119 “Wizard/Witch”

1st place by Artyom Maksimishyn


2nd place by Emmanuel Luiz

Hebron Priyo Paring

3rd place by Damian Goś

Week #118 “Isometric”

1st place by Ariel Tissler


Hebron Priyo Paring

3rd place by Mateusz Szymoński

Week #117 “Mysterious Portal”

1st place by Patrick Piranha

Hebron Priyo Paring

2nd place by Rainer Weston

Hebron Priyo Paring

3rd place by HebronPPG