Ever planned on improving your sculpting skills?

This is your chance!

Practice sculpting by creating 31 sculptings in 31 days during January 2019. We provide a topic for each day. All participants who submit a collection with all 31 sculptings at the end of the event, have the chance to win some great prizes. 









Do you want to use the SculptJanuary logo? Download it here! (PNG / ~700kb)

How to join?

It is pretty simple: Grab the calender from this event page or subscribe to the Google Calendar and do one sculpting (digital or traditional) for each day of January 2019, related to the provided topic. If you like, you can post your dailys on any social media platform with the hashtag #SculptJanuary19. However, most of the action takes place in the SculptJanuary Facebook group. There you can post your daily sculptings and give or receive feedback. Facebook is optional!

  • Use the provided topics (calendar below)
  • Create new sculptings
  • Use any software of your choice
  • Traditional sculpting is allowed
  • Use the hashtag #SculptJanuary19
  • Using pre-made base meshes is allowed (you have to give proper credit)
  • We heavily encourage you to sculpt and post daily. However, a missed day can be handed in later (that means you can also do 5 sculptings a day but post them on the right date or later)
How to win / submit?

The main prize of the event is the experience you will gain. However, to motivate you to keep on track, we will pick 3 random winners from all the people who managed to create all 31 sculptings. The winners will receive some cool prizes.

In order to win, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Create all 31 sculptings of January 2019
  2. Create a collection of all your 31 sculptings (e.g. on Artstation or Sketchfab)
  3. Send us a link to your collection until Feburary 3rd, 2019 23:59 CET via the submission form
  4. We’ll pick 3 winners randomly on February 4th, 2019, which will receive 1 of the prize packages each
  5. If you are one of the winners, we will contact you with further information

The list of the prizes you can find below.

Ask a Question
Use the comment section below to ask a question.


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The facebook group is an awesome place to post your daily sculptings and to ask for feedback and help from the community!

Join the fun on Sketchfab!

Sketchfab is one of the big supporters of this event. It is a great platform to share your 3d models and embed them on social media, just like YouTube videos. We encourage you to upload your SculptJanuary sculptings on Sketchfab by using the hashtag #SculptJanuary19. In this way everyone can take a look on your sculptings from all angles, and they will show up in a special SculptJanuary gallery on Sktechfab.


Also, you have a good chance of some extra attention by Sketchfab!


If you’re new to Sketchfab, we got you covered! Julien Kaspar created a two part video tutorial on how to prepare you sculptings and upload them to Sketchfab.


Here you can find an overview of all topics for SculptJanuary 2019. Feel free to download and share this calendar on social media.


We have 3 sponsored prize packs, each consisting of all prizes shown below.
How to win? Read above!

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Sketchfab T-shirt

6 Months of Sketchfab PRO

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Since there are no winners in terms of “the best artist” in this event, we want to honor some people which we think did an amazing job during SculptJanuary 2019.
Please note: We are only picking entries from the Facebook group one day after the topic is over.

Now, challenge yourself and boost your sculpting skills!