Weekly CG Challenge #125: "Abandoned Robot"

Background artwork by Alex Marks

Weekly CG Challenge #125 “Abandoned Robot” has ended!

We received 88 accepted submissions. Congrats to the three winners Alex Marks, Ewa Wierbik and Rafael Comino Matas. See the winners and all entries below.

Please note: Concerning the prizes, we will contact you in the next two weeks.

Topic Description
Abandoned Robot – Look there! A gigantic warmachine lurking in the woods! But wait – no! This robot hasn’t moved for years. Abandoned by its creators, for whatever reason, it sleeps an eternal sleep. Is it a pity, such excellence in technology wasted? Or does it even hold a sense of romanticism, reminding us that nature will eventually take everything back into her gentle arms?

We pick three winners for each challenge. The winners will be announced a few hours after the challenge has ended. The prizes will be distributed like this:

The 1st winner can choose 6 prizes of the list below.

The 2nd winner can choose 5 of the prizes the 1st winner does not choose, from the list below.

The 3rd winner can choose 5 of the remaining prizes, from the list below.


Prizes for this challenge:


1st place by Alex Marks
Kitbashing at it’s finest. the storytelling, amount of detail, composition and general creativity in the piece make this the overall winner of this challenge.

2nd place by Ewa Wierbik

The mood in this one is what draws one in, and the detail keeps the attention. allthough some brighter colors in the secondary elements might draw a bit too much attention. Great work!

3rd place by Rafael Comino Matas

The composition and use of perspective is awesome. the colours and silhouette work really great and the piece invites a story. A bit of punch in contrast and more detail could’ve sharpened up the image.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention by Shuprobho Das

Honorable Mention by Andrew Remizov

All Entries

by Cedric Fangeat
by Andrew Remizov
by Petya Hristova

by Iván Batalla

by lordgert