Weekly CG Challenge #129: "Mask"

Background artwork by Jazib Daud

Weekly CG Challenge #129 “Mask” has ended!

We received 69 accepted submissions. Congrats to the three winners Jazib Daud, Gabriela Pena and Jesse Amiel Gayanilo. See the winners and all entries below.

Please note: Concerning the prizes, we will contact you in the next two weeks.

Topic Description
Mask – There are but few manmade devices so mysterious and archetypical as the mask. It conceils the bearer from the views of others, but it also grants a new identity, veils dark purposes or aims to protect from them. Masks play an important role among many cultures of the world and always prove an interesting subject for every artist.
We pick three winners for each challenge. The winners will be announced a few hours after the challenge has ended. The prizes will be distributed like this:

The 1st winner can choose 7 prizes of the list below.
The 2nd winner can choose 6 of the prizes the 1st winner does not choose, from the list below.
The 3rd winner can choose 5 of the remaining prizes, from the list below.


Prizes for this challenge:


1st place by Jazib Daud

2nd place by Gabriela Pena

3rd place by Jesse Amiel Gayanilo

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention by Niklas Böhme

Honorable Mention by Stefan Matthes

All Entries

by Stefan Matthes

by Anis Chebiki

by Mark van Cooten


by Christian Ordóñez


by Andrew Rem


by Na’ama Shlomo