Weekly CG Challenge #130: "Lunar"

Background artwork by Fabian Golz

Weekly CG Challenge #130 “Lunar” has ended!

We received 82 accepted submissions. Congrats to the three winners Fabian Golz, Rafael Comino Matas and Michal Zisman. See the winners and all entries below.

Please note: Concerning the prizes, we will contact you in the next two weeks.

Topic Description
Lunar – No other celestial body has continued so ongoing to inspire mankind as the moon, not least because of its short distance to our home planet. It symbolized the dark, moody aspects of life, as opposed to the positive, strengthening aspects of the sun. In the latest history it has become the subject of mankinds first steps into other worlds than our own. What does the moon mean to you? What story will you tell about it?

We pick three winners for each challenge. The winners will be announced a few hours after the challenge has ended. The prizes will be distributed like this:

The 1st winner can choose 7 prizes of the list below.
The 2nd winner can choose 6 of the prizes the 1st winner does not choose, from the list below.
The 3rd winner can choose 6 of the remaining prizes, from the list below.


Prizes for this challenge:


1st place by Fabian Golz

A really strong result: full of narrative and emotion, presented well in a space which is engaging to explore.

2nd place by Rafael Comino Matas

A brilliantly made sculpt with well posed and dynamic characters in an interesting style. The attention to detail is excellent, and overall it’s a compelling image.

3rd place by Michal Zisman

The mood of this image is fantastic, with an eye-grabbing colour scheme and strong composition.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention by Bohdan Lvov

Honorable Mention by Ermolina Anastas

All Entries

by Fabian Strube

by Willy Saíz

by Abdul Majid

1st place by Fabian Golz

by Gianni Marsiglia

by Laurens Gerlach

by Alexander Schmid

by Dyson