Weekly CG Challenge #133: "Dream World"

Background artwork by Ahnoup Kumar Das

Weekly CG Challenge #133 “Dream World” has ended!

We received 53 accepted submissions. Congrats to the three winners Ahnoup Kumar Das, Jakob Scheidt and Kevin Kessler. See the winners and all entries below.

Please note: Concerning the prizes, we will contact you in the next two weeks.

Topic Description

Dream World – Now there’s a topic for you to go completely overboard! Imagine … anything! A fantasy world beyond our wildest dreams, inhabited by strange, funny or dangerous creatures. Maybe your world has even its own curious physics, who knows? There is only one limitation: It has to be extraordinary!



We pick three winners for each challenge. The winners will be announced a few hours after the challenge has ended. The prizes will be distributed like this:

The 1st winner can choose 7 prizes of the list below. The 2nd winner can choose 6 of the prizes the 1st winner does not choose, from the list below. The 3rd winner can choose 5 of the remaining prizes, from the list below.


Prizes for this challenge:


1st place by Ahnoup Kumar Das

A superbly crafted scene, with brilliant lighting, composition, and colour. Not only that, but it matches the topic perfectly in subject and mood.

2nd place by Jakob Scheidt

A really detailed image, with great use of negative space and engaging characters which really feel like they’re moving in the environment.

3rd place by Kevin Kessler

Strong from a distance through the striking silhoutte and colour composition, it also succeeds in detail and mood.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention by Neil Lithgo

Honorable Mention by Vladimír Stáňa

All Entries

by Bárdos Richárd

by Sebastian Kindermann

by Emmanuel Idusuyi

by Ph Ami Le

by Timo Meyer

by Ruud Hagedoorn

by Daniel Kovacs

by Laurens Gerlach