Weekly CG Challenge #138: "Abandoned City"

Background artwork by Wei Chung

Weekly CG Challenge #138 “Abandoned City” has ended!

We received 47 accepted submissions. Congrats to the three winners Wei Chung, Harald Dieter and 劉奕宏. See the winners and all entries below.

Please note: Concerning the prizes, we will contact you in the next two weeks.

Topic Description
Abandoned City Recreating a whole city until the deadline is sure no easy task, so you’ll have to think ahead: Do you want to use modular assets to speed up your workflow, or do you choose to show only parts of the once glorious and lively city, that now lies barren and desolated? You can, of course, pick any genre you like: The remains of an ancient civilization, a war-worn city of today or the ruins in a post-apocalyptic desert.


We pick three winners for each challenge. The winners will be announced a few hours after the challenge has ended. The prizes will be distributed like this:

The 1st winner can choose 7 prizes of the list below. The 2nd winner can choose 6 of the prizes the 1st winner does not choose, from the list below. The 3rd winner can choose 6 of the remaining prizes, from the list below.


Prizes for this challenge:


1st place by Wei Chung

The mood in this very short clip is amazing, it draws the eye, it conveys the subject and compositing wise it frames the character very nicely. Maybe some secondary details/animation could’ve been added. congratulations!

2nd place by Harald Dieter

The realism and lighting work really well! the subject is pretty creative and execution is very detailed. Another element could’ve been added to really sell the image, also the lighting on the clouds seems a bit dark compared to the rest of the image. Nice rendering!!

3rd place by 劉奕宏

Very nice composition and style. The character has a compelling silhouette and the use of contrast is top level. Although the rough nature adds to art style it limits a bit in detail and storytelling, however, as an artpiece (and potential movie poster) it really works! Nice job!

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention by Anastasiya Astasheva

Honorable Mention by Marek Polívka

All Entries

by Wei Chung

by Joshua Solanke

by Shahadat Hossain